Low 40s

It got cold last night. It was 41 degrees when I looked at the thermometer this morning about 6:30. It was cold enough that I went around closing the windows so no more cold air would come in. This is different from our philosophy so far this summer. We like to leave our windows open at night to get as much cool air in the house as possible, then keep them closed during the day. Even on the hottest days it feels refreshingly cool in the house when you come in from outside.

Today I spent quite a chunk of my time with laundry. It was sunny, warm and breezy; a perfect day for hanging out. I didn’t quite fill the clothes lines, but I came pretty close. What a luxury it is to have the time to hang clothes outside on these perfect days. Everything smells and feels so fresh when it comes inside too.

wing.jpgWhile the laundry was going on, I made some serious progress on the left wing of the Avion truck camper. I have everything roughed out and it is actually fitting in place now. I’ve made numerous trips from the camper to the shop cutting a bit here and a bit there until it slid into place. I still have a lot more work to do before I install it permanently, but it looks like the approach I’m using to get this done is going to work.

I also watered the greenhouse garden with buckets this morning, and picked potato bugs off the plants in the outside garden. The potatoes are all that is left in the outside garden, and I figured I should keep after the bugs so I’ll have fewer next year. The potato bugs weren’t too bad this year. The potatoes will be ready to harvest soon. I usually enjoy that job… like digging for gold.

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