An Aging Geek

Alice and I have been watching a series called, “The Secret Life of the Brain.” Until this series, I didn’t notice a habit I’d picked up. When they interview a scientist, physician, or some other professional in their office or lab, computing equipment is often visible in the frame. I look especially at the monitors, and from that determine how old the series probably is. And I’m pretty good at it. I also discover myself thinking, “that’s an old Viewsonic 17. I had one of them… it was a great monitor.” By then, several minutes of the narrative have gone by, and I’ve missed the thread. Since my career in IT has pretty much paralleled the microcomputer revolution, I can spot most hardware except the really new stuff.

Occasionally I’ll lose my composure and say in a loud voice, “Did you just see that Tandy 100?” She’ll often reply with, “What!” After nearly 40 years of marriage, I know enough not to say, “You know, the old TRS-80s that had disk drives.” Instead I say, “Oh never mind.”

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  1. wp says:

    I remember one of those old viewsonics with a scratch right in the middle of the screen!

  2. Ryan says:

    I remember when those were the nice ones in the lab. Then I think about trying to work on one now and shudder. I’ve become addicted to as much screen real estate as possible

  3. Robert Jones says:

    Dear AG, Don’t ask. Just remember. If you can’t remember, I’ll try something more detailed. So very good to see that you and Alice are still planting, reaping, putting-up, and living that good Pelkie-life. If you reply w/your email, I’ll send you a photo of my east yard here in Santa Fe.

    As we say hereabouts, Siempre, RJ

    • admin0 says:

      Hey, is this my friend Robert Jones, or one of the many other Robert Jones’? Very nice to hear from you! Things are going well here. My email is tjsold -at- up -dot- net

      Best. Ted

  4. Robert Jones says:

    1/9/14: Yep, the same,…well not the same, of course, but trying to at least be consistent. Sent you a test email. Trust that the wood supply will hold out through the current blast.

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