Lake Victoria

Yesterday morning as Alice was leaving for work, we hatched a scheme whereby we would have a boating adventure on Lake Victoria (near Rockland) and then cap it off with dinner at Henry’s in Rockland. She had office hours from 1:00 – 4:00, and hopefully would be done sooner rather than later in the afternoon. I spent some time during the day loading our Grumman skiff on the trailer and getting the rest of the boating stuff organized and ready to go.

It turned out that later was in the cards for Alice, and she didn’t get home until 4:30. She walked in the door and told me she was tired of making decisions, and that she was going to change clothes and I could decide what we would do that evening. I thought it over and decided to try the whole itinerary, although perhaps somewhat abbreviated. By the time she had finished changing, I had the trailer attached to the car and most everything ready to go. It took us a while to drive all the way to the impoundment (Lake Victoria is a lake created to produce hydroelectric power for the Upper Peninsula Power Company) and get under way. As we looked around, we determined we had that entire beautiful lake almost to ourselves.

alicenfranco.jpgWe motored to the far end of the lake, and when it got too shallow, I cut the motor and rowed for a bit. We rowed toward the place where the river enters the lake, and saw a guy in a canoe fishing in the distance, and decided to turn around and head back. It was a really nice boat ride, but both our stomachs were growling.

We motored back this time with the wind behind us, and the little 1 horse motor really raced us down the lake. We packed up and headed for Henry’s, and had another of their magnificent Friday night fish fries. My friends, I have to tell you we both pigged out, but if there should be a “pig of the family” award, I would have won it. Alice was saying things like, “I’m eating slowly so I can enjoy it.” I responded with, “mgmph,” chew chew, etc. I’ve eaten food from across the planet, and I have to say that Henry’s Friday night buffet is my favorite.

Last night and today I was afflicted with another headache, so I didn’t do too much. We did get our “dock sit” in, and other than that just a few chores. Tomorrow is the Fireman’s Picnic at the Tapiola Pavilion, so I’ll be busy with that all day. Hopefully I’ll feel better by tomorrow. This is our annual fundraiser, and so we try to put a lot of effort into it.

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