Theater Loadin

loadin.jpgThe 2010 Fall musical for the Calumet Players is “Once Upon a Mattress.” Yesterday was loadin for the show. The Calumet Players have a building across the street from the theater, and that is where the set is constructed. They have the cast and crew help carry everything across the street, into the back alley, and onto the theater stage. I always enjoy this part, because I get reacquainted with my old friends, and meet some nice new people as well. The loadin went fine, and I was thinking I’d be home early.

I work in the flyloft, which is my favorite job in the theater. We had two set pieces to fly, and getting them hung and counterweighted is usually the biggest job of the show. Once counterweighted, almost anyone with a bit of training could raise and lower these things. Getting them safely attached and up in place so the sandbags can be attached is the challenge. It took three pretty strong guys and about a quart of sweat to get this project done. We left without having everything nailed down, but that is what tech rehearsal is for.

It was warm in the theater yesterday, and it was hot here today. I wound up picking a sink full of ripe tomatoes and sorting them again. Those that were very ripe or blemished such that they wouldn’t last much longer I blanched, peeled, sliced, and layered in the dehydrator. Our tomato plants are going great guns right now, and I’d say that is a very nice problem to have. We have lots frozen and this is the second batch to be dried. And there are lots more on the vines.

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