A Magnificent Meal

xmasevedinnerSteve and John joined us for Christmas eve dinner tonight. And what a dinner it was.

When Alice and I started on this “back to the land” thing all those years ago, the goal was to produce a lot of our own food. What with school, jobs, raising a family, and other interruptions, we’ve never really felt like we’ve accomplished the goal. This year was different. We have lots of firewood put up, both for the house and the maple syrup operation. We had reasonable crops of many of our garden staples too, and are learning how to preserve them.

For Christmas eve dinner, we had two kinds of homemade wine, our own potatoes, squash, and beans. We also had a chicken that was purchased from some folks down the road. Dessert was biscuits with local fruit topping (ok, we had some Great Value aerosol whipped cream.) The point is the meal was special on several levels. Growing your own food is not necessarily about saving money (believe you me!) Our approach is to do the best for our plants, without adding any unnecessary poisons to the mix. And we’re less concerned about perfect looking potatoes than the produce section of your favorite grocery store is. After hoeing, mulching, watering, picking bugs, and harvesting, a small and/or misshapen potato is as good as gold in our book.

We have a long way to go in order to achieve the self sufficiency we strived for in our early years. Perhaps we’ll never make it. But we have come a long way indeed, and after a lovely meal like tonight’s, all I can say is the effort has been worth it.

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  1. Patty says:

    I can almost taste that meal, Ted!!!

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