A New Bottling Strategy

I use google calendar to remind me of the events in my winemaking life. It reminded me that this past Friday was the day to bottle the sour cherry wine. When I felt I had enough time to tackle the job, I took a deep breath and strode purposefully forward. I went into the basement, gathered the first load of necessary tools, and started to carry them upstairs.

I should explain that I store my winemaking equipment in the basement, as well as the brewing wine itself, and the bottled wine. It is cool and dark down there, and there is more room for things that are irregularly used than in the kitchen.

I was half way across the basement with the box of winemaking tools when I stopped mid stride, my mouth agape.

“Why am I hauling all this stuff up, when I could do the job right here?” I asked myself. I started listing the reasons. I have no drainboard for draining the washed and sanitized bottles. Also, the bottle brush was kept upstairs. That was it.

“So I could either make half a dozen trips loaded with various armfuls, and then carry the bottles wine back down here, or I could do the job down here after I fetch the drainboard and brush?”.

So the decision was made to try the project in the basement. As I entered uncharted territory, I discovered there were some advantages to this new technique. The drainboard worked well sitting on the washer and draining into the laundry sink. The sink itself is bigger than the kitchen sink, meaning I can soak more bottles in advance while I’m washing them. And putting the gallon jug on the clothes dryer and the wine bottle on the floor, means the siphon distance is greater than the one in the kitchen, making the fluid flow faster during bottling.

The process went very well this time, I neither made a mess in the kitchen, nor had to clean one up prior to my project this time. And putting the completed bottles away for their year of seasoning was just a walk across the room. I don’t understand why I get such a kick out of figuring our new ways to do things, but I really do. Partly, it reinforces the fact that I am still looking at things in new ways, and not getting stuck in ruts… which is something old people do.

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