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March 16, 2014

A Few Successes

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There has been a lot of whining going on this winter, and I have not wanted to be on the forefront of that trend. Instead, I think cheerful thoughts like, “The weather is what it is!” “I’ve seen much worse!” “Pretty soon it’ll be 90 degrees and buggy, and we’ll remember this winter with great fondness!” “If this winter doesn’t end soon, I’m going to start breaking things!” “I’ve had it! I’m selling everything and moving to the equator.”

As you can see, if you let yourself think about it at all, your thoughts can deteriorate quickly.

What I really needed was a few successes. It seems like the winter projects I’d planned for this season have all gone badly. I’d get started and something would get broken, stall, I’d get a cold, drop something on my foot… Over the years, I’ve learned that when life throws hints like these at you, it is best to heed the warnings and avoid projects that include sharpened steel edges.

Over the past several days, I’ve facilitated getting the rest of the logs moved from the powerline project, have moved some of those logs onto the rack for the sawmill (I assume the rack was somewhere under the lump of snow I dumped the logs on.) In general, I can say that a few of the jobs I attempted went pretty much as planned, so my confidence is starting to improve.

Here is is mid-March, and the maple trees are not tapped yet. The weather has been too cold (in my opinion) to hang the buckets. Not to mention that tapping includes a drill, which is a sharpened steel tool. With my confidence at an all-winter high, I may just take the plunge and tap the trees tomorrow.

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