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March 22, 2014

Spring Peeper

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My Mom often tells the story of when she was a girl and her family would be out for a drive. Suddenly, her Dad would pull over, crank down the window, listen and smile. Spring Peepers, those little frogs that are an early indication that spring is here, would be singing their intoxicating songs. Grandpa would sit there quietly, car idling, lost in thought. I take after my grandpa in that regard. It seems I can’t get enough of their raucous whistling, which all too soon, is gone for another year.

But this story isn’t about frogs.

Several days ago, I planted a flat of seeds. There are 72 divisions in the tray, most of which received one tomato seed. I also planted some cabbages, basil, parsley, and chives. Alice smiles indulgently as I open the cracked clear plastic top several times each day to see if any seeds have sprouted. Well, today, our first plant poked her shy head out of the soil and into the air… a red cabbage plant. A spring peeper, if you will.

Since I’ve had one come up, I’ve probably looked inside the flat a dozen times to see if any others have sprouted. So far only our little cabbage plant is showing. The others won’t be far behind though. Before long, the whole shelf of our bay window will be stuffed with foot high tomato plants. My main concern then will be whether the snow will be gone in time. Tomatoes, I’m told, do not do well when planted in snowdrifts.

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