Holy Wah!

It has been a busy week. I try to write every day or two, but it has been a bit longer since I have had enough time to even sit let alone write. A lot of things have conspired to come together at the same time, but I’m managing to get through them.

sara.jpgFirst is the play. We had rehearsals all last week and opened Friday night. We had a great audience Friday, and a comparatively dead one Saturday night. We know we have a good show because of the Friday night response, and we also know that some audiences just lack the pep that others do. Since I have the best view of Sara Perfetti tossing around in her bed of 20 mattresses, Alice asked me for a picture. I found it pretty hard to find a suitable vantage point because of all the lights, drops, teasers, etc, so this was the best I could do.

pines.jpgSaturday, we were asked to lead a tour at the Estivant Pines. This was a Michigan Nature Association bus group that came up from downstate. Since Alice and I are stewards of the Estivant Pines sanctuary, they asked us to give a short talk and be available for the hike and questions. The weather was rainy, but the group had a lot of spunk. We were able to take them on our new reroute of the Cathedral Loop. Everyone seemed to have a good time. In this picture I am giving them an orientation talk after hiking a short way into the sanctuary.

alice.jpgBy the end of the hike, we were both pretty wet. All the participants were wet too. Amazingly, the huge bus that brought them drove all the way back to the Pines on the Burma Road! I’ve seen big vehicles back there, but that one took the cake. The driver seemed to know what he was doing, because he backed into the parking lot and turned around. Luckily, he didn’t meet anyone on the road, or they would have had to back up.

Sunday morning early I headed up to Houghton for a EMS session on triage. I had had one class on triage before, so understood the concepts. This time the guys assembled about 50 young people to act as victims of a plane crash. They were all painted with blood and makeup to make them look bruised. Each victim had a card that told their age, vital statistics, and symptoms like flail chest, tender abdomen, etc. Our job was to move from patient to patient and in 30 seconds of less, determine their status on the triage hierarchy. That goes from Green for injured but ambulatory, to Black for dead or dying. Once they are categorized, we move them to the various color coded areas where they receive first aid, and are prioritized for transport. It was realistic enough that I had a pretty hard time when “my” patient was passed over for immediate transport to the hospital because she probably wasn’t going to make it.

After I got home I had a quick sandwich and a nap, then headed up to Dohrenwend’s to help set up the tipi for another guest that is coming in tomorrow. This fellow is from Germany, and is allergic to the cats Dohrenwends keep in their home, so will be sleeping outside. When he learned they had a tipi, he asked if he could stay out there, and we said sure. Setup went a little better this time because we could remember what we had learned from the experience of setting it up earlier this summer. We did, however, have to contend with some pretty serious wind, which caused us some extra difficulties.

Tomorrow I have the second part of the EMS seminar these guys are putting on. Tuesday morning I have a dentist appointment, and Tuesday evening a FOLK meeting. Wednesday is our brushup rehearsal, and the performances start on Thursday. We go through Saturday night, after which we will strike the set and be done for another season.

Holy Wah!

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