dandyMe: Next bottle of wine we open, let’s try the dandelion. The dandelions are starting to bloom now, and I think we should try some of last years before we make another gallon this summer.

Alice: We can try it if you want, but I think the dandelion wine was way too much work to make it again.

Later that day Alice brought up a bottle of dandelion, 2013 and asked me to open it for her. I took my customary sip (I don’t drink wine but I’m trying to understand the way it tastes.)

Me: The color is very nice, but not too much of a flavor.

Alice: Hmmm…

Alice: (After one glass,) Whoo, this is pretty strong!

Alice: (After her second glass,) I think we should make another gallon of dandelion wine this year.

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  1. Jimmy Klein says:

    Dandelion wine is excellent. I’ve tried several different recipes over the years and I always say “Not going to make it this year” and then it’s a sunny Saturday and I’m outside picking flowers.

    I’ve used lemons for acid. Oranges, I used orange juice before. I’ve even used Maple syrup instead of sugar. I swear that tasted like a cheap mead.

    “Dandelion wine is fermented sunshine”

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