All Day Session

Today I attended another first responder session. This was given by the same folks that did the mock disaster triage drill for us yesterday. It was very good again. I’d say it was geared more for nurses and paramedics than first responders, but I always get a lot out of them, even if most of it is over my head. It went until about 3:00. The session before lunch, and the two after lunch were done by some pretty fast talking physicians. I do have to admit that since I’ve been doing this, I am picking up some of the jargon and can at least follow what they are saying, rather than being totally lost through the whole thing.

After I got home I took Franco for a short walk and did some inside chores, then worked on supper with Alice. Franco and I did a backpack hike after supper, and were lucky enough to run into Ray Krumm 3/4 of the way through it. So we were able to walk together for a while. It was nice to talk with Ray again. We don’t see nearly enough of each other anymore, and I miss it. It is fun to try and spot the tipi when we are walking on the road by Dohrenwend’s. It is mostly hidden by the barn, but you can see it if you look carefully. It is a lovely piece of architecture!

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