First Pea

The gardens have been planted for a few days now, and we’re settling into our maintenance schedule. I haul the buckets from the pond and water inside the greenhouse, while Alice hoes. One aspect of gardening I never seem to get tired of is discovering progress the gardens have made since our last visit.

This morning we had a nice rain, and the outside garden responded by putting up a few more potato plants. The rows of potatoes are clearly starting to have tiny green flags to show where they are. These flags are much more interesting to the potato bugs, who can’t be far off now. Vigilance is the key.

peasWe also saw our first open tomato blossoms in the greenhouse this morning, and our first shy little pea plants. We planted mostly sugar snaps this year, so we’ll see how this goes. A good friend of ours wanted to visit our garden about a week ago, and offered to plant the peas for us, so this triumph belongs to her as well as to us.

We’re slowly progressing on the mulching of the gardens too. I started spreading last year’s hoarded yard waste on the onions in the outside garden today. The plants are still pretty small, but the advantages of keeping the moisture in and the weeds out tend to make me throw caution to the wind sometimes.

wateringdockThe project of watering the greenhouse garden has developed into a routine each summer. I don my carrying yoke and hook the two empty buckets to it, and stroll down to the watering dock. I almost always stand on the dock for a few moments and stare off into the view shown in the picture. You’d think that after so many hundreds of times, the routine would get dull. But it never does. The typical thought that runs through my mind while I’m standing there is, “Gosh, we live in a beautiful place!”

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  1. Brigitte says:

    Oh I’m so happy the peas came up! *wiping brow* I was afraid this would be a pea-less year due to my novice planting skills but I must have had good instructors. 🙂

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