Both gardens now have their planting of annual rye, and the outside garden is showing the tiny green shoots that give me so much satisfaction. The greenhouse garden was planted somewhat later, so no growth is evident yet. I usually get germination in less time in the greenhouse because the soil tends to be warmer inside. We’ve had nice rain for the past couple of days. The stubborn creeks have still not awakened, so I assume the thirsty ground is soaking up all the moisture. The Canada Geese are congregating and moving in large groups, and I saw a group of about 10 Sandhill Cranes flying over this morning. Our hummingbirds seem to have vacated in the past few days. The feeder is just sitting there swaying in the wind with no takers. This is a good time of the year as they all are, but I’m missing my summer friends already.

Yesterday afternoon I buttoned things up here and was on my way about 4:30 pm for the theater. Alice and I planned to meet at Peterson’s Fish Market for supper again, with the default time being 5:15. I was in Houghton at 5:14, so knew I would be a bit late, but ran into some traffic backups such that I didn’t get there until after 5:30. This is unheard of in the Copper Country! I assumed there was some sort of obstruction that caused the backup, but I saw nothing as I rolled through. Alice was at Peterson’s when I got there, but she had gotten stuck in the same snarl, so had just gotten there herself. It was raining and the tarp tent we ate under was not completely water tight. It was a bit cold out too. We had the whole place to ourselves, though, and it was one of the nicest dinners I can remember in a long time. When we finished, she went south toward home, and I went north toward the Calumet Theater.

I was unhappy with the modification I had made to the ladder for the “20 mattresses” set piece, so had bought some sturdier steel hardware and blacksmithed it into the proper shape at home. I installed it when I got there as the chorus warmed up all around me. This was another of those golden moments. Everyone seemed pretty happy and the music was just wonderful in my ears. Once installed, I hooked up the ladder, and it seemed to work great. Then I climbed up to my perch in the flyloft, and the brushup rehearsal started.

erin.jpgThe show ran along just fine, and we took a short intermission at the usual spot in the show. We wanted it short because we all wanted to get home as soon as we could. I bumped into Erin downstairs, and asked her if she was serious about wanting a tour of the flyloft. She said sure, so I climbed the ladder first, and then told her to come on up. The sounds were of normal climbing about halfway up the ladder, until I heard a small voice saying, “I forgot that I’m afraid of heights.” Erin being Erin persevered, though, and made it up to the loft, where I got her picture. There were encouraging sounds from the cast and crew on stage below, because it has proven to be a rare individual that has the nerve to climb up there. We only had time for a quick tour because she was needed on stage for the beginning of the second act. So that is one more destination Erin can check off her list.

I spent some time today working on my sawmill. It started fine the other day, but the head wouldn’t move up or down. Progress has been negative… now it doesn’t even start. I keep plugging away as I get different ideas. Hopefully an inspiration will occur, because I really need to get some lumber sawed while the weather stays nice.

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