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June 27, 2010

Dock Progress

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The hard part of the newdock2010.jpg dock installation is over thanks to some help from Alice. Since the front pond, where this dock is now installed, fluctuates its level each summer, I had to put the near shore end of it in a couple of feet of water. This dock rests on a cradle made of pipe. Yesterday’s blog entry showed how I made the driving points for the vertical pipes. The horizontal pipe slips over the verticals and tightens up with set screws. The help I needed was to have some eyeballs on shore to tell me where to put the vertical pipes. I couldn’t see whether they were straight while working in the water. Working together we got it right after two tries.

Next I have to drill some holes in the pipes that will hold up the far end of the dock. I’ll put some pins through these holes and adjust the height as the pond level goes down. We’ve had such nice rain this summer that the pond is pretty much at its top level.

I also worked on some paperwork for the environmental group I volunteer for. I’m the treasurer, and also write the newsletter and maintain the membership list. Here is a picture of my work area:folkpaperwork610.jpg I worked on this month’s donations and the mailing of thank-yous for donors. We also send a very nice shopping bag with our name on it to all new members.

Tomorrow is our weekly trip to town to run errands. I’ll be dropping Alice off so she can get some work done, and then I’ll run the errands, and pick her up when I’m done… usually mid day.

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