Black Gold

compost1I emptied the compost drum the other day. This is a batch that has been cooking all summer, and it came out nicely. I think I learned a lesson this time. Yes it was a cool spring, and when the weather is cool, the compost in the drum sometimes is sluggish about warming up. But several weeks ago, I added a wheelbarrow load of horse manure to the batch, and that seemed to be the kick it needed to warm up and convert into nice rich black compost… the kind of stuff you just can’t resist burying your face into (OK, I guess I did resist this once.)

compost2I got a couple of very nice wheelbarrow loads of compost from the drum, which I then shoveled out onto both gardens. I’d recently rototilled the first planting of buckwheat in the dormant half of both gardens, so I sweetened the earth with the compost and some more manure before I tilled the second time and replanted the buckwheat. The seeds are underground, watered, and hopefully germinating as we speak.

It has been a good gardening season so far. Some things are doing great, while some are doing very well. We haven’t gotten skunked by anything this year, which is a good thing. The rains have been steady and plentiful, the weather has been mostly warm, and the mosquitoes have been above and beyond! I was thinking that the mosquitoes have stepped up to the plate since the bees are less plentiful. It makes sense — both have stingers.

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