Shiitake Harvest

mushroomWe harvested our first Shiitake Mushroom today. The story about how we started the mushrooms is HERE. I also posted a story about the inoculation and placement of the logs HERE.

So after much effort to fell the sugar maple tree, buck it up, drill numerous holes in the logs, press in the spore thimbles, stack them by the pond, water them regularly all last summer, soaking them for 24 hours, and resting them on the newly constructed cedar rack I built, we have exactly one clump of mushrooms to show for it. If these mushrooms are worth $500, then I’d say we’ve broken even if we pay ourselves minimum wage for the time and materials we’ve put into these things.

This is not a complaint, by the way. One of the most satisfying things I do is figuring out how to do something I’ve never tried before and actually getting it to work. And wouldn’t it be a nice problem to have way more Shittake Mushrooms than you could use?

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