Poor Old Scout

woodAlice and I are working on next winter’s woodpile. I think we’ve done 4 Scout loads or so. It is hard to predict how much wood will make a Scout load while I’m cutting, so I just do the best I can. I put all the logs I can carry on the rack I made, and saw them up in a batch. The ones too big to lift I saw up in place and stack up over by the log splitter.

That is where Alice comes in. When I get a batch ready to split, I start the machine and she mans the lever. As I load the logs onto the splitter, she does the splitting, and then I toss the split pieces onto the Scout, put another one on the rack, and wham! She splits that one too.

As you can see in the picture, I cut up more pieces than could properly fit into the bed of the Scout. The poor old girl was kind of saggy when I drove around to the woodshed. I do my best to get the load off as soon as I can, because that much weight is not good for a 40 year old vehicle.

I’m thinking that 3 or 4 more loads like this one and the woodshed attached to the garage will be full. I plan to build a new outbuilding this summer to replace the old worn out one. I’ll fill the new building up with firewood and use from there until I get enough room to use it for storage. Then I’ll empty the old one, tear it down, and remove one more eyesore from the property.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Saw the title and feared the worst for the Scout.

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