The Most Enjoyable 10 Minute Soak in Tepid Water All Day

Sometimes I just need a bath. I don’t mean because I’m necessarily dirty, and showers are better for that sort of thing anyway. Sometimes I just need a soak in some hot water. A good book possibly, relaxing thoughts, the tension slowly melting from my shoulders. Sometimes at the end of a complicated day, there is nothing like a bath.

solarSometimes however, the weather just doesn’t cooperate. We try our best to use the amount of hot water that the sun gives us through our solar collector. I think there may be a pride thing going on here. After all, I designed, built, and installed this system for free hot water from the sun, and by golly, whatever it gives us is good enough. When I looked at the temperature gauge, though, it was not hot enough for a tough guy like me, so I turned on the backup hot water heater for an hour before the much needed bath.

It wasn’t enough. It was ok when I stepped into the water, but as the heat soaked in, it pretty much left, leaving a tub of mostly tepid water. I lasted for a few minutes, but common sense won out over pride, and I threw in the towel (ouch!)

I’m thinking my next strategy for soaking the tension out of my body will be a sauna, which I also designed and built. I’ll keep you posted.

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