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August 19, 2014

Thor, Trimmer of Lawns

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trimmerWe have never been too concerned about trimming the grass right up to the edges on our property. We made a foray into this arena some years ago when we bought one of those electric fish-line yard trimmers. We bought an extension cord with it, but after a few tries with the thing, we felt that the trouble of setting it up was not worth the outcome. So it sat in our storage building for some years.

During her weekly ladies Tai Chi gathering, Alice overheard her friends talking about modern weed whips, and how nice the new ones were. When she described the conversation to me later that day, the light in her eyes told me this was somewhat more than a simple recount of an earlier conversation… she WANTED one.

Ah modern technology. I think it saves us males if we use it appropriately. While the idea was still fresh in my mind, I snuck over to Amazon, found an appropriate lithium ion cordless trimmer, ordered it, and forgot about it. When the big box arrived a week later, I was almost as puzzled as she was. But we opened it, put it together, and sent her outside with her new tool. When she came in an hour lager, her eyes were shining again, and I could tell that she had run out of things to trim before she was ready to stop.

I hear that Hollywood is casting the role of Thor as a woman next time. I nominate Alice with her weed trimmer as a suitable model for this job. Weeds that formerly would stick out their tongues as we walked past now cower before the might of Alice and her trimmer.

Now the shelf in my workshop that holds the chargers for my various cordless tools has one additional charger on it, one that I don’t have to do anything with, because Thor, the trimmer now maintains the batteries too.

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