Onions as Art

onionsWe harvested all our sweet (Ailsa Craig) onions today, and about 1/3 of our storage onions. We like to get them pulled early on a sunny day, and then let them bake in the sun on both sides for several hours. Then I tie them up with binder twine and hang them up to dry in our sauna dressing room (it smells REALLY good out there right now.)

After I finished that chore I looked at my handiwork, and felt that this was more than a good chunk of our winter’s food, but beautiful enough to be considered art. In fact, I felt I even knew the artist that has possibly pulled a few onions in his time… Dale Chihuly.

13.601.ch1 chandelier eveningMr Chihuly works with glass. I’ve seen several of his pieces that have long colored tendrils that catch your attention from across the room. How he manages to so artfully blend the colors, textures, and light, and firmly attach these pieces of glass so they will fight gravity for years, is something I’ll probably never understand. I do suspect I understand where he came up with the inspiration for the piece, though.

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