Being Sick Can Be Humbling

I’m in about my sixth week of being sick, and I can tell you I’m pretty tired of it. The doctor didn’t put a specific name on it while I was sitting in his office a month and a half ago. He thumped me here, listened there, shook his head and said things like, “not good,” and “I don’t like this.” Then he started saying things like pleurisy, bronchitis, pneumonia, and started writing prescriptions. I was on 3 or 4 things at once for quite a while. The drugs seemed to tackle the infection that was wracking my body, but the cough and the weakness have persisted.

Today was the first day since I’ve gotten sick that I was able to work outside with something approaching my normal energy. And man did it feel good! The usual summer projects have all presented themselves one by one this past several weeks, and I had to just watch them float away like dandelion seeds. The weather has been conducive to outdoor work for the most part, but I pretty much watched it from the window. Some days I’d kind of wander outside and drift past the projects, but nothing grabbed me enough to suck me in. Lucky thing I guess, because diving in would probably have only frustrated me.

I got thinking about how easy it is to look an another person, and say, “someone should light a fire under that guy!” It is sometimes tempting, but you really don’t know what is going on inside that poor fellow. He could be sick too, and I now know how that feels. It feels like you’re about ready to whatever it takes to feel better.

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