Fall Chores

What with me being sick most of this summer, and the number of trips we’ve made to Lansing to help out my parents, we’ve managed to get behind on our fall chores. In the past few days, we’ve managed to get most of the critical ones done, however.

I got both docks out of the water with just a few mishaps. Other years I haven’t been quite so lucky, but this year I only dropped my hammer in the water once, it was in shallow water, and even though I couldn’t see it, I rolled up my sweatshirt sleeve, stuck my hand in the water, and grabbed the handle, as it had settled into the pond much head down and handle up. How often does that happen?

The plow is on the Scout, and while that job is never easy, there were no serious problems this time. We’re now ready for some snow accumulation, although I’ve learned over the years that I have to scoop the first several times until the gravel freezes, or the plow will just dig into the driveway and make a big mess and a lot of noise.

We also got the greenhouse cover off, folded up, and put away for another season. For some reason Alice and I seem to grouch at each other when we are doing that particular job. I’m not sure why, but it usually happens. I’d put the grouch level this time fairly low on the scale, however. There was only one serious grouch incident, and it was over almost as soon as it started. It is a beautiful site when the cover is all folded up and put away for another year. I like to step inside the greenhouse before we take the cover off for the season, and fill my lungs with that lovely smell. We won’t be smelling thawed dirt for some time now.

We’ve also begun to gather balsam fir boughs for christmas wreaths. We’re into our second week of it now. I hike out to the woods around my maple syrup operation, and select an area where the balsam firs are encroaching into the maple trees, and start cutting them down. I then hack off the branches with my hatchet, and clip the fir into my yellow wheelbarrow. When it is full, I tie the boughs up into a bundle and make one more. I then haul them back home and toss them into the pickup. I usually deliver them Monday mornings to the shop where they’re made into wreaths. I smell the best this time of year that I ever do.

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  1. Becky Darling says:

    Loved this, Ted. Living a bit of the same life, but our plow isn’t on yet and won’t be until next midweek. Hear about a big storm coming, too, and see trucks with plows on US 41. Made four wreaths today from your beautiful greens. You should have joined us at the PLDL Mon with your side of the wreath process. the moon is lighting up the sky, but icy pellets and clouds obscure it here at the farm tonight.

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