Rack 0’Maniac

rackLike so many things this summer, I’d gotten behind on the homemade wine chores. I set up the things that need to be done on my calendar, but days and weeks went by and the deadlines along with them. As I ignore the chores, they just build up and the project becomes more and more daunting. Well, the other night I rolled up my sleeves, and made several trips from the basement to the kitchen with bottles, hoses, siphons, and all the other paraphernalia necessary to get racking.

Racking is the process of moving the liquid proto-wine from its current container to a fresh clean sanitized one. Getting set up for the event is the hardest part of the whole process. Cleaning up is the second hardest part, and the actual racking is fun, easy, and gives us a taste of what is to come. I usually interrupt the stream of each gallon with a small wine glass we keep for this purpose, and Alice and I both get a taste. I think I have the chemistry of wine making down pretty well, but I still have little idea what I’m actually tasting. I keep trying and hoping I’ll understand what I’m doing as I gain experience.

The night after all the racking activity, I noticed my calendar was still not clear. There was the bottling of the first batches of 2014 to be done: dandelion and strawberry. I got 5 750 ml bottles of each, plus 3 smaller (375 ml) bottles. These are all put away in the basement and awaiting this time next year when we can pop the cork and taste the fruits of this year’s labor.

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  1. Stella says:

    Would love to learn your methods for brewing wine…

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