Strings of Pearls

On one of our trips downstate this summer, I splurged on a new headlamp. I felt we needed one in the RV, so picked up a very nice one on a visit to Meijers. Well, it was such a nice one that I’ve kind of standardized on it, and my old reliable headlamp just sits on its hook now.

I do a lot of walking in the dark, because Franco and I both agree that one of our best habits is a daily walk after supper. During the summer, there is always plenty of daylight after supper, but this time of year, the walks are pretty much in the dark. So the headlamp is on my head and switched on.

This model has 3 small LEDs and one large one. Pressing the ON button turns on the 3 small LEDs on low.

Did I mention it is often snowing, as well as dark, on our evening walks? This headlamp has a feature I didn’t find in the literature that came with it. When the snow is blowing just the right amount, the flakes near my head turn into strings of pearls. I can’t think of a better way to describe it, and I wish I could take a picture to illustrate it. While Franco is busy following his nose up and down the road, I have spent considerable time thinking about how this must work. If the light from the LEDs was constant, then I’d see the snowflakes floating past me. So they must be pulsing somehow… perhaps in an attempt to save power, or to give more and brighter light somehow, or…? Whatever the reason, if you want to see a nice show, and are lucky enough to live in snow country, strap on that headlamp in a snowstorm, and head outside.

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