A Man Secret

bathroomI do a lot of sit ups. I’ve written about my daily routine HERE and HERE.

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Most every morning, I do a short workout with 15# dumbbells, and 200 sit ups. If I’ve done the math correctly, if I keep this pace up for another 7 1/2 years, I’ll hit 1,000,000 sit ups.

Now and then, mostly when I’m feeling sorry for myself, I’ll look at myself in the bathroom mirror and think, “with all these sit ups, I should be starting to look like Arnold Schwazenegger.” Then I’ll do something that is a secret among us men… I’ll pull in my gut, hold my breath, strike a body builder pose, and look in the mirror. The results are often disappointing. Now and then, though, perhaps due to a trick of the light, I’ll see the outline of something that might be an ab.

“Quick, come and see my ab,” I’ll shout.
“No wait it’s gone.”
“Now there’s two… oh shoot, they’re both gone now.”

After so many years of effort, I’m beginning to think that Arnold Schwarzenegger might be reaching a bit to high for me. Or maybe in 7 1/2 years when I turn 70 and 1,000,000 clicks over on the sit up odometer, the abs I’ve dreamed about will suddenly appear. I’ll be looking in the mirror waiting, hopefully with a camera handy.

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  1. Janie says:

    LOL… This is good! Keep them coming. Frankly or Teddly, I was very surprised to see someone I know nearly naked on Facebook! Good for you! I think I see the AB! Lucky Alice!

    Janie Panagopoulos

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