Maple 2015

mapleThe winter of 2014/15 seems to be the winter of defined edges. The snow came in early November as it often does, but this time it didn’t melt. Then around the first week of March, pretty early for up here, the days got much warmer, and it was suddenly time to tap the trees. I felt it was too early, but the most of the trees disagreed with me. It took me 3 days to get the tapping done this year, because of the extreme cement shoe snow conditions.

Today was my first gather, and I’d say 3/4 of the trees had some sap in their buckets. I gathered about 15 gallons of sap, which meant I was able to start the evaporator today. There is something magic about that first fire. I usually run outside and watch the first smoke come out the chimney (where else did you expect it to come out?) When the steam starts rising from the evaporator pan, and it starts making its simmering-sound, I get goosebumps. The maple season has arrived!

This year the only equipment I’ve had to replace so far was the cap on the chimney. The snow had squashed the old one, so I ordered a new one on Amazon Prime. I like this one better because it has a bird guard on it. The poor birds that unfortunately get stuck in the chimney have no means of escape, so it is a good thing to guard the chimney entrance with a bit of wire mesh.

If I calculated today’s sap gather correctly, I’ll get around a quart and a pint of syrup once it is boiled down. Not bad for 4 days work!

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