Clean Feet

I’ve had this thing growing on the bottom of my foot for some years now. In keeping with my doctor’s orders, I’ve applied Compound W ™ to it religiously each night. As I put that little drop on my foot, I could imagine all the little wart colonies saying, “Oh no! Cough Cough! I’m dying! Another day or two of this and I’m done for!” That is until I shut off the light and go to sleep. Then they stop pretending and thank their lucky stars for the manna from heaven. Yes, I think this thing on my foot likes its daily drop of acid. I have come to believe I’m serving them a banana split each night before we go to bed.

So tomorrow I’m going to the doctor to explain to him that despite my best efforts, this little spot on the bottom of my foot is not going away unless it get sliced out. The doc explained this to me before and suggested we try all other alternatives before we do this, because the location on my foot means the surgery will make me pretty sore for a long time until it heals.

This evening I sat in the bathtub to clean up prior to my appointment. This is important, because anything involving examination of my feet requires some pretty persistent prior scrubbing, since I seldom wear shoes. As I sat in the tub, I noticed my feet were already clean, and it dawned on me… this is the winter time, when my feet are in jail 24/7. They are clean because they have no opportunity to get dirty. A shame if ever there was one.

Some of these warm spring days have made my toes nostalgic for the sunshine, but there is still so much snow on the ground that they’ll just have to wait. The best days are coming, when my sock drawer stays full not because laundry is being regularly done, but because no cloth touches my feet.

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