9 Meals

It has been said that civilization is nine meals from anarchy. I was thinking these thoughts as I was walking into the cold entryway of our house looking for some kindling wood to start a fire in the kitchen stove. Since we heat with wood, I make this trip frequently, since this is the place I store all the stove-ready wood.

I’ve left the lovely garden stakes my artistic neighbor left for me on the table in this entryway, partly because I like looking at them, and partly because I haven’t figured out exactly what I want to do with them. So there they are, like an exhibit in a museum.

When I’m hunting for wood for the fire, I’m usually in the mindset to get this project over with as quickly as possible, so my eye falls first on the easiest materials. Yes you guessed it… on more than one occasion, I’ve thought to myself, “Those stakes would make awesome kindling.” Shame on me.

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  1. Becky Darling says:

    You’d better not, Ted!

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