Out Loud

Sometimes when I’m all alone, I talk, right out loud. I did it tonight, and didn’t even have my dog along. When your dog is with you, you can claim you were talking to him. He always looks interested and appreciative of the attention, but we all know that it is just sound vibrations coming from a friendly human and not communication.

Franco is almost always with me when I’m outside, but not today. He’d hurt a foot and so I did my sap gather after supper without him. I got the first run of sap today that I’ve gotten in a week. It was a very cold week indeed, never getting above freezing during the day, so the trees rested. I waited until after supper to gather because I knew the first day they wake up they usually don’t give much and I wanted to maximize my collection by giving them the whole day to run.

I was travelling the well worn snow trails with tree sap sloshing in the bottom of my 5 gallon plastic pails. I’d stopped to rest for a minute with my ungloved hand on a tree. I was just getting ready to resume gathering when I stood there and looked out over my little maple orchard. It was twilight at the end of a sunny spring day. I said out loud, “It’s like a dream.” You see, as long as I can remember, I’ve liked trees. I like to feel their texture against my hands. I like to “touch toes” with trees when my feet are bare. I like to look up at them especially when it is windy, and marvel at how they can so effectively disperse the tremendous energy the wind is causing.

Almost equally as long, I’ve wanted to have my own little grove of maple trees to care for, and to spend some time each spring out among them making maple syrup. I’m so thankful my life has allowed me this luxury. There are a lot of things a human can spend his time doing, and for about a month each year, this human gets to do his thing. Like a dream come true

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