Tiny Home

Alice, Franco and I recently returned from a nice motorhome trip. The first day we drove about 500 miles to the Lansing area to visit relatives. Then we headed south and east to Morgantown, West Virginia, where we visited with Steve and John for several days. As usual, we towed our car, which we unhooked and used to get around town while we were parked.

We’ve taken several such trips over the years with this motorhome, and I’m often surprised by how quickly I fall into a pleasant habit of life on the road. The motorhome is not a large one. It has no slides, and is about 29′ long. It has a very small but well equipped kitchen, a functional bathroom, a bedroom with a fixed comfortable bed, and a livingroom complete with a small recliner.

Spending a few weeks at a time in the RV makes me think about a current popular housing movement called “Tiny Homes.” Alice and I watched a documentary about a young couple that built and lived in one of these structures. It seemed to us it wasn’t so much how many square feet you had, but how you used them. As long as the basics are there and you can keep clean and keep your food safe, you can live in a very small amount of space.

About the only time I’ve noticed the small space is when we are trying to accomplish something at the same time, like getting ready in the mornings or preparing a meal. There is just about no place in the motorhome where two people can walk past each other. And when our paths conflict, one of us has to stand aside so the other can walk past. Franco has had it figured out since day one. He just lays on the floor and lets us step over him.

All things considered, though, we almost always say at the end of a trip that this is the most pleasant way we’ve ever traveled.

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