Tough Day For Franco

Franco stole the show today. It was to be a big day for him anyway, since he was scheduled to spend the day at the vet’s office getting his hips x-rayed. To prepare him for his big day, I took him for a walk during the dark hours of this morning so he could do his duty. Everything went fine until just about the end, when his nose went into the air and he disappeared into the grass on the north side of the road. I called him immediately, but he hesitated coming, intent as he was to catch up with whatever smelled so good.

quills.jpgNext thing I knew, he yelped and came running back to me. He looked like he had been on the wrong side of an archery match. The right side of both legs had lots of porcupine quills in them. I told him to come with me, and this time he seemed a bit more inclined to listen to me. I got him inside and called Alice to help, unholstered the trusty Leatherman and pulled them one by one. Franco took it like a man, even though I sometimes pulled out some hairs that were next to the quills. He had two buried pretty deeply in his feet too. I complimented him on his timing. The best time to get quilled is on your way to the vet’s office.

When Alice brought him home this evening, he was one tired looking puppy. He was still under the influence of the anesthetic and was given some Valium to boot. We’re supposed to take it easy on him for the rest of today, and the expectation is that he’ll be back to normal by tomorrow. It sure was quiet around here today without him being around.

While he was gone, I finished cutting the 6/4 lumber to length and bundling it. Then I started the sawmill and sawed a bunch more 6/4. I’m still short I think, but I believe this batch will be about it for now. If we can get this much carried, we’ll be doing pretty well.

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