Cedar Pickup Load

treads1.jpgAfter my trip to town this morning, I spent the hours necessary to finish sawing and bundling the treads for the Estivant Pines. Next I need to take them up there and stash them so they’ll be ready for the “Make a Difference Day” volunteers on the 23rd. That is the day after I return from the Grand Canyon hike. I’ll either be awesomely buff, or a complete wreck by then.

Franco is almost back to normal. Alice found one more quill on his leg. It had worked its way through his skin such that only the point was showing. I pulled it out with my leatherman, while Frank watched with mild interest. On the other hand, Alice and I were scooping up the quills we had already pulled from Franko’s legs, and one got stuck in Alice’s finger. She observed that event with something other than mild interest.

I managed to talk my doctor’s office into giving me this year’s flu shot early this year. Since I’ll be travelling during their clinic on the 15th, they squeezed me in today. While I was there I stepped on the scales, and found I weigh 199#. I had hoped to be somewhat less than that, and I can’t imagine that I could have worked any harder on the conditioning, so I guess that is what I’m stuck with. I’m expecting to drop a few more pounds during the hike.

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