A Gift From The Ignorance Gods

One of the longtime firefighters in our department lost his 86 year old dad last week. I was one of the first responders on the call, and had been there several times earlier this year for other calls. I learned at last night’s fire department meeting that the visitation/funeral would be this morning. So I decided to go to the funeral, and mix that with a trip to Copper Harbor to drop off the treads for the boardwalk project. Franko got to go along this time.

truck.jpgThe visitation/funeral was fine, and after that we headed north. I stopped at Peterson’s Fish Market for lunch, and learned the restaurant was closing for the season on the 8th of this month. We’ll miss those folks. Then we headed on up to the harbor. We managed to back the truck up between the MNA sign and the big boulder we placed in the middle of the trail to keep trucks out. Apparently, the boulder only keeps the faint-of-heart out.

spahn.jpgWhile I was unloading, a couple walked purposefully out of the trails and right up to me. I didn’t recognize them, but they recognized me. It was Judy Spahn and Bruce Wolck. Both knew Steve from his K-12 school days, and we had a nice chat. They asked about Steve, of course, and about the volunteer work I was doing for the pines. I talked them into posing for a picture at the kiosk at the trailhead. I learned they spend their summers in the Copper Country, and their winters in the Bahamas, where Bruce has a nice home.

Interestingly, while I was continuing my work up there, another couple came up that I knew. This was Nathan, who is a paramedic from the Bay Ambulance Service in Baraga, with whom I’ve made several runs. There were probably 5 groups of people coming and going while I was there, and I knew about half of them.

quill.jpgOn the way back home, Franko was resting his head on my lap and I was stroking his fur. I found yet another porcupine quill. When we got home, I had him lay down and we pulled it out like the couple of pros we were. He doesn’t even wince anymore.

Alice and I ate our supper in front of the computer screen as usual, and were watching what we thought was our last episode of “The Big Bang Theory” until season 4 comes out a year from now. We had gotten some scuttlebutt about what the last episode of season 3 would be, and when we came to the end, we realized that this was not the episode we thought it would be.

Now I want to make it clear to everyone that this is an educated household. Between the two of us we have 4 college degrees, several certifications, and numerous years as professionals in higher education. Upon careful examination of the main menu of the DVD we were watching, we noticed a menu selection labelled “NEXT.” This menu selection was not hidden on the page. It was probably in a 40 pt. font to boot. Clicking on NEXT, we found 4 more episodes of Big Bang on the DVD. This means that while we’ve watched the DVDs for all 3 seasons, we’ve only seen half the episodes. While we both felt pretty stupid, we were grateful to have such a bonus of excellent episodes to watch. Thank-you, Ignorance Gods!

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