Texting While Walking

One thing I have never been guilty of is texting while driving. I don’t text much anyway; only to a select few people. If Alice is with me in the car when my text signal goes off, I’ll hand the phone to her. If not, I’ll either pull over or read it when I get home.

Yesterday evening I was walking Franco after supper… a ritual Franco and I have observed since he was a puppy. Since the end of daylight saving time, and because the tilt of the earth is trending away from the sun, these walks are in the dark. Besides dark, it was also misty and foggy. We’ve seen all sorts of weather on our walks, so we were undaunted. {If I had the power to do so, at this point I would start some ominous music, and begin to build it gradually}

As we were walking down the road, I remembered I needed to send a text to my sister. I got my phone out, and, what do you know? Two bars! This is great reception for the place where we live. I started typing the short sentence, and noticed my feet felt kind of funny. I was right in the middle of a crucial word… a word that could make or break the meaning of this important message, so I determined I’d finish that word.

When I looked up from my phone, I was about a step away from falling into a pretty steep ravine with a pool of water at the bottom of it. My jaw dropped. This was not a novel I was typing, just a short sentence. I got so flustered by this event that I stepped back onto the road, looked back down at the phone, continued typing, and walked in the wrong direction from home! When I finished the text and closed my phone, I realized I had no idea where I was. I had to stand there for a minute in the dark fog to puzzle out my location. When I figured it out and headed the right way down the road, I made a pact with myself. I will not text while driving ever. Period. I almost killed myself texting while walking; imagine if I’d had a steering wheel in my hands.

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