4 Rows o’ Garlic

garlic.jpgToday was one of those days. You know the kind I’m talking about. If you drop a rake on the ground, there is a 50/50 chance it will settle tines up or tines down. On days like today, they always settle tines up. And you won’t notice that fact until you step on the rake and wap yourself in the nose. Planting the garlic was the first project I accomplished today that didn’t cause me to hold some part of my body and dance around for a while. The potential was there, because I dig the holes for the garlic cloves with an heavy iron bar shown in this picture. The way things went for me today, I’m surprised I didn’t clunk my foot with the point of the bar, and then pull it out of the way and right up into my chin. But I didn’t.

I finally got the cleanouts for the 4 chimneys emptied today. Climbing up on the roofs and brushing out the chimneys is a project in and of itself, and often when I finish, I don’t do the last step and empty the “clinkers” out of the cleanouts. Today I got it done. Two of the four cleanouts had almost nothing in them. The third had a couple of shovel-fulls. The fourth was packed. It was so full that I’m thinking I may not have emptied it last year. It was packed such that when I cleaned it out, the clinkers didn’t fall down. I had to reach up there with my arm and scrape away at the clinkers with my fingers. I got up about as high as I could, but there was still more there, so I went out to the shop and grabbed a piece of flexible plastic tubing, which I shoved up the chimney and rattled around until all the rest of it fell down. How did I know it was all cleaned out? I have a special backpacker mirror I stick into the cleanout and angle up so I can see the opening at the top of the chimney. If it is square, I’m good. It was square.

I also did get the FOLK newsletter finished. I’ve been struggling with this thing for several weeks now, and I think I finally put it to bed tonight. Tomorrow I’ll print, fold, stuff, and tape them, then drive them to the post office. It is always a great feeling to get this project done.

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