Make a Difference Day

makeadiff.jpgMichigan Tech’s 2010 “Make a Difference Day” was yesterday. Alice and I were lucky enough to have some students assigned to our project at the Estivant Pines. I got busy sawing enough cedar lumber for completing one boardwalk, and starting two additional ones. I had staged the 3′ treads for the boardwalks at the pines before I left for my recent Grand Canyon hiking trip. Before I left, I had also sawed up enough 2x6s for the stringers for the project.

I got home early on the 22nd, and got to work loading the pickup with the 2x6s, as well as the necessary tools for the project. We got up early on the 23rd and headed north, with the red flag dancing merrily on the longest boards on the pile. We stopped at Slim’s Restaurant for breakfast and then drove the rest of the way up to the pines. One student was there already, so we put him to work unloading and organizing materials.

We were in pretty good shape by the time the rest of the students made it. In addition to Bill and Nancy Leonard, and Alice and I, there were 19 students in the group. It was an awesome couple of hours. Not only did they carry all the lumber for the 3 projects, they camouflaged it too. We then hiked both trails with the chainsaw and pulaski. I cut all the downed trees into chunks, and they moved the chunks off the trail for me. They also cleaned *all* the waterbars. We walked out of the pines that day leaving things much better than they were when we got there.

We’ve put together a few pictures of the days events which you can access by clicking HERE.

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