Mailbox Ads

mailbox.jpgI’ve noticed a few of these signs attached to mailboxes on my drive to and from town. It seemed to me like an effective way to make a statement, so it got me to thinking… if I were to use this technique to make a statement, what would it be? I pondered until I struck upon an inspiration. One neat thing about the internet is that before you have a chance to have second thoughts, you can see your project through. I found a site called, and in about 5 minutes had composed and ordered the sign. It was waiting for me when I got home last Friday, and it took until today to get the frame built for it and get it installed.

mailbox3.jpgI have to admit it looks pretty darn good, and for the 3 or 4 cars that drive down this rural road per day, it may give them something to think about.

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