Long Hallways

Alice and I were at the hospital this morning for a brief consultation, and between us came up with a system that will revolutionize health care in Michigan, the United States, and the World!

Here is the way things currently work. You show up at the appointed time, walk from your car to the front desk (this is good), where you sit with an agent to be sure your insurance is up to snuff. Then you walk to the waiting room for your doctor, check in, and sit in a chair until you are called. An added bonus to the time you sit in the waiting room is the TV is on very loud, and is repeating the important news that Paul Ryan and Donald Trump are meeting at this very moment!

If you can roll with me on this, I’d like you to share my belief that most of us can use more exercise. Back in my hippie days, I was “into” R. Buckminister Fuller, who once said, “The flow of energy through a system tends to organize that system.” When we go the hospital, it is probably because things are not going perfectly health-wise. That besides seeing the doctor about whatever is ailing you, if you could come home with a better habit and some additional exercise, that would add to the experience. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Some restaurants have a system where you order your food, and they give you a pager. When the pager goes off, you take it to the window, return the pager, and take your food away. It tends to keep the area in front of the food window less cluttered. What if, when you check in at the doctor’s office window, instead of having a seat, you are given a pager and a pedometer. The hallways in the hospital are long and mostly deserted. You are encouraged to stay near the office, but to add some steps to the pedometer. The more steps you are able to do, the better.

Or maybe the old system is the best, where we sit on our butts and watch TV, while listening to the people all around us talking about how sick they are.

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