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June 29, 2010


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dock162920.jpgThe dock is in! I did some head scratching and came up with a better way to stabilize the vertical pipes while the dock was being launched. I also cut off all the excess pipe so that weight wouldn’t jeopardize the launching. The dock was then pushed out into the water on its floats, and hooked onto the pipe cradle near shore.dock262910.jpg

Grabbing my cordless drill and pipe wrench, I headed out to the dock to try to get the new vertical pipes installed and this project over with. I carefully removed the screws that were holding the pipe and auger out of the water, and then gently lowered the pipe to the pond floor. Then I twisted the pipe with hands first then pipe wrench to attach and stabilize it. This was all a bit tricky, because I couldn’t stand on the dock since it was too tippy and my weight ruined the geometry, and standing in the canoe meant everything dock362910.jpgI did with both hands pushed me away from the work site. Eventually I managed to get it all done though.

After all that work Franco and I enjoyed our after supper 2 mile walk again. I carried my backpack with 50# of sand to help me condition for my upcoming Grand Canyon hike in October, and Franco carried his stick, which he asked me to throw for him at intervals. We made a pretty good team tonight. I had plenty of energy and so did he.

After we got back from our hike, I did the usual of shedding the pack (ahhh!) taking off my hiking boots, and closing up the greenhouse. dock462910.jpg I had my new camera along that just came in today’s mail, so I used it to take the last picture of the dock with the canoe tied up next to it. I have to admit it looks pretty good.

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