Cereal (Again)

Like many people, I have to watch what I eat (why does food have to taste so darn good?) I’d gotten into a habit of having a plate of homemade hashbrowns, onions, and eggs several times each week. And I’m not talking about a cup of hashbrowns, two tastefully displayed eggs, and a sprig of parsley. Oh no. I made myself a plateful, sometimes heaping, with the sauteed onions and eggs all mixed in, and a liberal dose of Cholula ™ (I’m salivating as I write this.)

Since we’re retired and don’t have to rush off to work in the morning, I found I rather enjoyed washing and peeling the potatoes, chopping the onions, piling the whole thing in the frying pan (non-stick is a relative term.) When it was all done and piled steaming on the plate, I’d pour myself a glass of homemade iced tea (sugared and lemoned to taste,) sit in front of my computer, and before you knew it my fork was poking at an empty plate. Somehow, this habit netted me several extra pounds around my midsection.

So the new habit is to have cereal or oatmeal most mornings of the week. It surely is a quicker breakfast. Then I’m out the door working on the days projects. When I feel the familiar twinge in my stomach, thinking “it must be getting to be lunch time,” I’m often surprised to see it is 10:00! Cereal just doesn’t stick with me. Not like that steaming plate of Cholula ™ infused heaven I used to be able to eat.

Why am I writing this? I’m killing time. My rule is no moves toward lunch until at least 11:00. I’d been out in the garden this morning rapidly consuming the bowl of cereal and non-fat yogurt I’d eaten for breakfast, came in, and looked at the clock. Shoot. What can I do to occupy myself for a half hour so I cam make myself some lunch. I’d love to stay and chat, but it is 11:11 and I’m hungry.

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  1. Mel says:

    I face the same problem – it’s much easier to inhale a bowl of cereal before rushing off in the morning, but then I have to dig into my lunch bag by (or before!) 10. Even that isn’t too much of a detriment – I frequently eat a decent portion of my lunch on my way to my fieldwork for the day, so that I don’t get hungry while I’m in the woods (or have to carry food with me).
    Office days are worse… plowing through the entirety of my lunch before 11 means that I’m out of luck for a snack in the afternoon.

  2. admin0 says:

    Here I thought it was just me 🙂

  3. Dina Ariel says:

    I was making oatmeal or breakfast cake with a variety of nuts and seeds, and also putting on weight – maybe it’s just an older body reaction, or maybe I don’t get the exercise I used to, walking around. I take a lot of busses. I’m trying to get back to salad with my eggs, too.

  4. admin0 says:

    🙂 Ah those aging bodies. It is funny that the appetite doesn’t decrease with the energy level. I’m a great believer in taking the bus. We got so isolated in our cars.

  5. Sally says:

    Aha – you need to be adding raw milk yogurt to your oatmeal with some of those yummy strawberries when you finally have some. Not only healthy but sticks with you. Raw milk is awesome!

    • Ted says:

      Nice to hear from you Sally. I don’t think I ever asked you where your resort is and what the name of it is? Ted

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