kindling.jpgToday I got the sawbuck load of cedar slabs cut into stove length and put away in the storage building. When dry, this is great stuff for starting wood stove fires. If you split it small enough, you can light it with a match. For the past few years, I’ve been using a lot of this “waste” material for maple syrup boiling, but this year I have plenty out there already, and the stockpile of dry kindling in the storage building was getting a bit low, so I stacked this batch up for future kindling use.

tomatoes.jpgYesterday I spent about an hour in the greenhouse garden. The tomatoes out there have been nipped by frost, but some are still going strong, even though they haven’t been watered in a month or so. Some are even still blossoming. Now that is optimism! I got all the tomatoes picked I could find, and even found a half dozen or so butternut squashes. I cooked two of them for supper last night, and they were great.

This weekend I figure I’ll pull the dock sections apart and drag them onshore for the winter. It is probably time to take in the hammock and the laundry lines. It has been such a nice summer that it seemed like it would go on forever. I stretched it out artificially this year by spending about 10 days in Arizona. But reality is upon us. I even thought about putting the plow on the Scout today, except I think I’m having battery problems. If I read the label on the battery correctly, I bought it in 2002, so it is understandable that it might be going bad. I’ll have to add that to the list of things to do in town next week.

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