A Load Both Directions

My Dad never spent a dime he didn’t have to. Some of my favorite personal traits come from him, and while I think I spend many dimes I probably shouldn’t, I do keep an eye on things thanks to his influence. I remember one story in particular.

During the time his business was expanding in the Lansing area, he’d bought the property next door. In order to build there, he needed to get rid of the old septic tank the people that had lived there used. As I recall, he’d asked around and learned he’d have to have it pumped before they’d dig it out. When he learned what the cost would be to have it pumped, he decided to do it himself.

He found the access cover, dug it open, pulled off the plug, and using buckets emptied the whole thing. He didn’t do it all at once though. His philosophy was to leave the buckets out there, and when he was heading that direction anyway, he’d dip a couple of buckets, walk them to the back of the property, where the weeds happened to be really thriving, and dump them out there. This took him weeks and probably saved him $50.

I’ve adjusted my work style around the farm to utilize and compliment this good idea my Dad had. (Note: I do pay someone to pump out and haul away the contents of our septic tank every 10 years or so.) I have things stashed in several places throughout the property. When I’m done with a shovel, for example, I don’t leave it out in the field. I like to put it where it goes so I’ll know where to find it the next time I need it. But I don’t necessarily walk it all the way back to the shovel rack either. I’ll carry it part way and leave it somewhere I know I’ll find it next time I’m heading that way. I’ve refined this system over the years and it works pretty well for me except for one thing.

If I’m walking out to the storage building for something or the other, and see something along the way that I know needs to go out there, I’ll grab it and have a load going that way too. But I’ll pretty often put the thing away I grabbed along the way, and completely forget why I was going out there in the first place. I suspect I am not alone in this little fault. The thing that sometimes works is I’ll do a mental rewind to try to remember what I was doing just before I left, and sometimes I’ll remember why I came out there in the first place. Sometimes not.

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