Still Brewing

The headache is still brewing in there, but my sense of such things is that it will be gone by morning. Maybe we maigrainishiners are just an optimistic lot. It is a strange thing to look at the world through this lens. Today was a sunny and relatively warm day, perfect for those end of the fall projects. The poop necessary to accomplish anything is lying somewhere beneath that clot of muscles in my shoulders that keeps the energy from getting to my brain.

Franco and I just returned from our after supper walk. It is dark enough during our walks to see the stars if the clouds cooperate. What a lovely show it makes. We had nice star viewing in the canyon too. The first thing I noticed was how much lower the big dipper is to the horizon down there. What a luxury it is to put some money down on a table, and within a few hours of one day, move far enough that the stars have perceptively shifted in the sky.

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