Sunny But Not Warm

It was a beautiful blue sky again today. I opened the greenhouse hoping things would dry out so I could take down the cover and put it away for the winter. It was just a tad too windy to get it done by myself today, though. It is funny how you can rationalize putting a project off that you really don’t want to do. Hopefully I’ll try again tomorrow. The sky was blue and I had a tiny bit more energy today than yesterday. I actually got out and got some things done. This headache cycle hasn’t ended with fireworks they way they sometimes do. When they go away overnight, I often wake up with kilotons of energy. Maybe that is in store for me tomorrow morning.

camper.jpgI did get out to the shop this afternoon and glued the first layer of plywood onto the framework for the camper. I used just about every clamp I own, which is saying something. I still have the rounded end to glue down, and then some 1″ styrofoam to glue into the spaces. After that all dries, I can install in in the camper and then can use the feet to raise and lower it. I plan to build a rack for my small utility trailer, and use that to back the camper into the garage. Yes, the poor pickup will have to spend some time outside again this winter. With the camper inside, I hope to get something done on it every day, thus moving this project forward. I really hope to get it operational enough that we can take a few vacations with it next summer as a shakedown, with the goal being a lengthy trip some future summer. I’ll keep you posted.

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