Yellow Balls

This year we’ve made several trips to Green Bay. If I had to vote for my favorite Green Bay attraction, it would be the Fleet Farm store. Oh, what a great selection that place has, with prices comparable to any I’ve seen. I can spend an hour just wandering around the place getting ideas. Alice came with me once, and wound up sitting on a bench in the breezeway/entry to the building. It seems she was able to see everything she was interested in seeing in about 5 minutes. I tried to hurry, but I could tell she was getting impatient sitting there watching all the happy Carhartted men walking past her.

I found some hydraulic hoses I needed, but couldn’t find the necessary fittings. In the trailer/towing section, I found a cheap little item that I impulse-bought. It is a simple thing that I figured would probably not work as advertised, but was cheap enough I tossed it in my cart. This item is designed to help hook up a trailer.

It consists of two yellow balls attached to two telescoping rods, each with a magnet on one end. The idea is you stick one magnet on each end of the trailer connection, extend the rods, get in your truck, and back right up to the trailer. These little babies came home with me and wound up in the Scout until today.

yelloballs1I was hauling some logs with the big yellow trailer, and needed to hook it up to the pickup. This process usually involves getting in and out of the truck many times before things are lined up properly. Today, with the help of the yellow balls, I backed up one time and slid the pin in. ONE TIME! I could hardly believe it. Just to be sure, after my first load of logs were hauled, I unhooked the trailer and hooked it up again. Same thing. One time!

Numerous people in our community enjoy travelling to Green Bay for football games, and more power to them I say. In my opinion, Green Bay’s greatest asset was and still is the Fleet Farm store. I wonder what other time saving tools are on those shelves. I’m looking forward to another visit to figure it out.

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