Dock Part B

Today started our warm, but mid-morning it started acting like proper November weather. I stayed inside until 9:30 or so getting the donations for FOLK done. I have to enter everything into a spreadsheet, make sure the donor’s expiration date gets added a year, print thank-yous and envelopes, sign, stuff, and stamp them. The checks need to be endorsed and gotten ready for deposit. Nothing is hard about all that, but it does take time and has to be done properly. Fortunately Franco is learning that I need some quiet time now and then and he gave it to me this morning.

After that we headed out to the woods and spent a couple of hours getting 3 more bundles of fir done. Then home for lunch and a nap, and then back outside for the Dock B project.

dockb.jpgThe parts of this dock are much heavier than the small dock I took out yesterday. In this picture you can see the final section has the pipes unscrewed from the pond mud, pulled up, and pinned in place. I’ve unhooked the connectors between the 2nd and 3rd sections, and tied the 3rd section to shore. The next step was to pull it to shore and then horse it up on shore the best I could. It is heavy, but I am strong (sounds like a country song.)

After that, I did the same to the other two sections of dock and hauled them on shore too. It was cold wet work, and I’m glad I have it done for the season. It will seem like the blink of an eye when I am out there putting the whole thing back together again.

magichour.jpgWalking back to the house along the berm of the front pond, I was struck by the “magic hour” light, so took this picture. The sun was behind me, and the clouds were dark behind the house making the whole picture pretty striking in my opinion.

Alice came home from work very tired, and fortunately I had supper mostly planned and executed. I just needed some help with the salad, which she added her magic to. That woman makes the best salads on the planet. We watched the last episode of season 1 of “Big Bang” while we ate. Then Franco and I did our walk. The entire family is looking forward to a restful weekend.

Our son Steve turned 31 today. Since he is in Pennsylvania, we had to wish him a long-distance birthday. Happy Birthday To You!

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