Rusty Milk Can

If you looking to hire a decorator for your home, you probably don’t want me. I believe I could probably get good at it if someone could explain it to me. I’m sure folks have tried over the years, so maybe I’m just one of those that will never get it. I accept that flaw in my character.

I was thinking about this today as I was scrolling through the Black Friday Deals on Amazon. I bought my Fire tablet this way last year, and saved $15 on a $50 purchase, so thought I’d give it another look this year. I came across a section that was called something like “Farmhouse Kickshaws.” In this section were such items as rusty galvanized milk cans, tables made of weathered barn lumber, and a block-and-tackle with some frayed sisal rope that was incorrectly rigged. The prices for these things, which seem to lie in abundance in the refuse piles around here, were pretty surprising.

I wondered what sort of customer pays for a rusty milk can, pays to have it shipped, and once it arrives, what is done with it? Is it proudly displayed next to the block-and-tackle? Does a red and white checked table cloth go over the barn lumber table? I honestly don’t get it.

My design for a kitchen would involve having the best kitchen tools I could find be handy and ready to be used. It would involve a work triangle size and shape suitable for the number of people that will likely be working in it. There would be counter tops that would look nice and be easy to clean when the meal is prepared. If I had to lift something heavy in the kitchen, I guess I’d have to jump on the computer and order that block-and-tackle. I’d take the time to rig it correctly first.

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