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Saturday and we slept in… ah! It was snowing when we got up and did so most of the day. It was imperceptible to me, but at some point in the afternoon the snow did stop and the rain took over. Franco and I were out making fir bundles for a bit over an hour. By then my hands were getting cold and my pants were wet (I know what you’re thinking.) This is more like the November fir bough making weather I’ve cherished. Halfway home I’d made up my mind a cup of hot chocolate was in my future. Nothing seems to take the chill off for me like hot chocolate.

Yesterday on her way home from work, Alice bought a big bag of deer apples (the stuff deer hunters buy to bait the deer) and brought them home. She hinted they might make a good apple pie, and I agreed with her assessment. I then waited to see if any action was eminent, and seeing none, decided to take the bull by the horns. The pie filling has never been much of a mystery to me, but the crust has. I’d imagine if I made more, I’d have a better feel for it. As it is, I study the cookbook, then dive in, and feel like I’m driving on one of those dark nights that seems to suck the headlights out of the car. We pushed supper later than usual tonight, and I was hungry. When it came time for the apple pie I’d made, I believe I could have eaten shoe leather. It was good. I mean really good. Now if I can just do the same thing next time…

Franco and I did only a mile after supper. It was windy and rainy. I got interested in watching the raindrops in my headlamp, especially when I was walking into the wind. Seeing those water droplets suddenly illuminate and smack into your glasses is mesmerizing. This time I didn’t need hot chocolate when we came in, even though my pants were wet once again.

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