Solar & Snow

Today I drove up to Calumet and met with my friend Ken Olkonen about the possibility of getting a PV solar installation done at our home by the end of this year in order to take advantage of the tax credit. He was not too encouraging, but did think that if I could buy the materials and get everything installed except the final electrical hookup that they could do the hookup. That was my plan all along anyway. Now I need to get a system figured out and see if what I need is in stock and available for shipment. Why do I wait until the last minute?

Franco and I had another nice walk after supper. It was very dark and snowing, and the snowflakes in the headlamp put on a pretty show. If you’ve never experienced it, you’re in for a treat. A lot depends on the wind direction and the size of the flakes. The best way I can describe it is sparks going off a few inches from your eyes. Franco looked at me like I was nuts when I’d just stand there and look up at the sky. Of course, he always looks at me like I’m nuts unless I’m throwing his stick for him.

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