Opening Day

We surely do not appreciate the damage the local deer do to the things we plant and tend around the farm, but we view them like all the wildlife we share this beautiful world with. They are our neighbors. They sometimes do things we don’t like, as we sometimes probably do things they don’t like. For about 2 weeks of every year the neighborhood sees lots of hunters orange and hopeful people and rifles. It is not our favorite time of the year. Franco wears a hunter’s orange collar, and a second orange/reflective bandanna. When we walk at night I keep him in the light of the headlamp as much as possible. It will all be over with on December 1.

While we were eating supper tonight a guy stopped by saying he had shot a deer and wondered if he could track it on our property. I hemmed and hawed, and said ok. It turned out he was the son of one of our neighbors that comes up every year for this event.

I took my regular trip to town today for errands. Lots of stops were made. One of them was at the Verizon store, where I asked for the opportunity to play with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. That little machine has the best screen I’ve ever seen on any computer. If you like to watch movies and TV away from home, this may be the device for you. It has a built in GPS too, but it costs $10/month for some reason. I brought along a SD micro card and loaded a couple of ebooks on it. I think the screen is very readable for text, although I don’t know how the eyes would feel after several hours. It costs a minimum of $20/month for 3G service, and it can not be used as a phone, although the web said the European model has phone capability. It is a sweet machine.

I also delivered 12 more bundles of fir. I saw some of the boughs they have made so far, and they look typically beautiful. If you want inexpensive and beautiful balsam fir christmas wreaths for yourself or gifts, you can’t go wrong at the Einerlei in Chassell.

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  1. Sandy Lewin says:

    I get my wreaths from the Einerlei every year and love them because they last for several months. They will be particularly special this year knowing that you’ve helped to supply their beautiful product. Thank you!

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